Spirituality is a process of inner healing. The wounds of the past can be the greatest obstacles for self-cultivation unless we find them all and heal them.

(Deng Ming-Dao)







Just by choosing where you stand, you alter your destiny.

(Deng Ming-Dao)







I have met the enemy, and he is us.








Courage is not the absence of fear, but the willingness to proceed in spite of it.








When you completely connect with another, even for only a brief moment, you have witnessed Enlightenment.

(Stephen BE)







Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom.

(Lao Tzu)







The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.

(H.D. Thoreau)







"I love you" ... means I love myself when I am in your presence.

(Ken Keyes, Jr.)







It is good to have an end to journey toward, but it is the journey that matters in the end.

(Ursula LeGuin)







An intimate truth is a universal truth.

(John Cournos)







It's only when you stop living in fear of what other people might do to you or how they will react, only then are you free to be alive.

(Elizabeth Shue)







To recognize oneself is to reach the Almighty.








Men can starve from lack of self-realization as much as they can from lack of bread.

(Richard Wright)







Deception occurs when you are divided, truth appears when you are whole.

(Deng Ming-Dao)








How do I know this is true? I look inside myself and see.

(Lao Tzu)







We arrive at truth, not by reason only, but also by the heart.








This above all: To thine own self BE true!

(William Shakespeare)







There is but one thing in the universe, and that one thing is change.








The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.

(Lao Tzu)







The mind creates the abyss, the heart crosses it.








Not knowing is true knowledge. Presuming to know is a disease.

(Lao Tzu)







When the student is ready the teacher will appear.





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Personal growth is as real and measurable

as physical growth.

How are you doing?


Find out this and much more,

when you join BEingThere.net!

There are many terms for personal growth, like self-development, self-cultivation, self-realization, inner work, the pursuit of Higher Consciousness, seeking Enlightenment, and so on. It does not matter what you call it, but it does matter if you are doing it.

In its simplest definition, personal growth is a measure of how you are developing as a human being. This implies that there is a developmental scale for being human. Few people know of it or talk about it, but there is a measure of your development. It is called consciousness, and there are distinguishable levels that every person must acquire in order to fulfill one’s purpose.


BEingThere.net is a unique service that will support your personal growth, now and forever!


"I am amazed at how potent a learning tool the forum is. Although I have never met any forum members, I feel that I know some of them so well.

"For me the value is in interacting and sharing, a kind of communion..."

Gabriel Deeds, author

Cumbria, England, UK

BTN Member

As psychotherapists in pursuit of Higher Consciousness for over thirty years, we have helped hundreds of individuals along the way work their way through challenging issues. From the emotional disharmony that accompanies difficult situations, we help people to identify their issues, realize their greater truth, and behave consistently with their truth. This is called consciousness.

We have walked along side of individuals as they confronted the results of their unconscious choices and turned on the light of consciousness. We have been there as they learned emotional skills, dealt with their issues, learned universal lessons and realized Higher Consciousness.

Some worked for as little as an hour or two. Some have continued to work diligently for more than a decade. We are fully committed to helping each individual grow. Now we are bringing this same commitment to you.

We know how frustrating it is to seek Higher Consciousness and not be able to find people who even understand what we are talking about, let alone be able to teach anything. We have traveled to many places in search of a guide.

Anyone who has sought a guide knows that they are few and far between. We have been fortunate enough to have known a handful who helped us on our path. We learned early that when you find a guide, you regard it as a lifelong relationship.

Consciousness is available to those who seek it. Realizing Higher Consciousness, however, requires deliberate effort. BEingThere.net provides an environment where this effort is understood, taught, nurtured and appreciated.


BEingThere.net is a home for consciousness seekers worldwide.



"I feel the site and all of its members are helping me to bring my feelings and emotions into greater awareness, that this process I am going through is the piece I have been missing on my path to enlightenment. You are doing a great service by hosting these forums and for that I am grateful, thank you."

Carole Humphries, artist

Kelowna, BC, Canada

BTN Member


BEingThere.net is open to anyone who wants to be part of a community of seekers from all over the world. There are regular discussion topics, special events, book discussions, consciousness lessons, and much more. You can participate at any level that suits you and that helps you develop the relationships that support and nurture your growth.

BEingthere.net will be your new home for finding other seekers, people of like mind who are seeking their Enlightenment, who are doing their inner work, and are willing to share what they experience on their path.

Because it is a membership forum, you will meet people who are serious about their pursuit. This is not a chat room, or a casual association of internet surfers. BEingThere.net brings you the widest array of consciousness material, the finest presentations of lessons in Enlightenment, and the liveliest discussions of topics most pertinent to your personal issues and the pursuit of Higher Consciousness.


BEingThere.net will advance your skills on every aspect.  

This is not merely an exercise in intellectualism. There are plenty of websites that treat consciousness purely as a function of the mental aspect. They are wrong and misleading. They seduce you into believing you can stay in your comfort zone and realize Higher Consciousness.

Consciousness is not merely a mental pursuit. Higher Consciousness is about the application of specific skills from all four aspects of being: physical, mental, spiritual and emotional. Only then does your world become a reflection of your higher self.

BEingThere.net invites every participant to share real experiences about real life situations, especially in relation to Higher Consciousness. You will hear about the unusual, as well as the practical. Try methods that are working for others, and share what works for you. You will learn many new skills and how to apply them. The more you participate in the forums, the faster you will grow.



"Learning and using emotional skills, as taught by BEing There Enlightenment Systems, enables me to grow in significant and measurable ways. I have tools to navigate through my life experiences and effectively recognize, explore and utilize emotional energy for my personal growth.

"I continue to experience awe and respect for Donna and Stephen BE's work. Feeling Your Way Along is a comprehensive, practical, remarkable resource."

Karen Floyd, Pharmacist

Grand Junction, Colorado, USA

BTN Member


Like having your own personal consciousness guide!

At any given time, you may find discussions about how to parent more consciously, how to develop conscious romantic relationships, how to approach your meditation with greater purpose, how to help invite more consciousness in the workplace, or how to live according to your Personal Truth in a world that often demeans, ridicules or punishes you for doing so. You will never know for sure what will be talked about, so you will want to come home every day to ... BEingThere.net


BEingThere.net is a perpetual course in Enlightenment!

If you enjoyed receiving any of our short courses, then you'll love this forum! As a member of BEingThere.net, you will have access to all of the free short courses, in case you missed one you were hoping to find.


BEingThere.net is your daily assist in the pursuit of Higher Consciousness.

Each day you will be supported as you face new challenges to your growth, offered new guidance on your path, and be able to understand more about your experiences and your world.

You will experience, perhaps for the very first time, an environment of mutual support and encouragement. You may share the joys and foibles of others who are encountering the challenges of seeking Higher Consciousness.

Participants will be at varying levels of consciousness, but there will be a common value underlying all contact, the pursuit of Higher Consciousness. You will find that the more you openly share your experiences, the easier it is to connect with others, learn the lessons you need to learn, and grow into the wisdom that enlightens your world.


BEingThere.net is a place to explore and to learn.

There is no status placed on the issues one may have faced or the inner work they have done. Everyone is exactly where they need to BE, right now, in order to get the lessons they need to grow. There is only the constant celebration of those who are doing their real work, at whatever level!

No one's issues are "higher" or "lower" than anyone else's. There is no status given to previous work, and there is no criticism for starting late or struggling. The only salient issue for anyone, at all levels of consciousness, is whether they are seeking to live in accordance with their ever-developing Personal Truth.


BEingThere.net is a network to openly share, help, challenge and support this process.

This is a membership of those who are in pursuit of Higher Consciousness and Enlightenment. If you are pursuing Higher Consciousness, if you seek Enlightenment, then you belong here!

It is not therapy, nor is it religion, although someone may talk about their emotions and their experiences in these areas and how they affect their pursuit, if they wish. We teach the Path of Emotion (a set of skills that allow one to live according to their Personal Truth), but there are many different paths for growth and consciousness, any one of which may be useful to you, as long as it provides skills on your aspect of least development, your growth point.


Come create supportive relationships, based in Personal Truth!

One thing you can count on from other seekers most of the time, is that they will speak their truth. They may not always tell you what you want to hear, but you can count on it being their truth.

Relationships with people who share with you their truth, and then stick around to engage with you, are the most treasured relationships you can have.

This is the basis for real intimacy!


"I didn't consider myself a seeker of consciousness or enlightenment and I wasn't looking for a spiritual awakening, when I first discovered BEing There Enlightenment Systems over 14 years ago. I was just a person who wanted some help.

Although I couldn't say why at the time, I knew at first meeting that I had found something very important. With guidance, encouragement and love, my experience with BEing There continues to be the most profound learning I ever encounter.

I have learned how I create my world as it is, and also how to create what I truly want.

I continue to grow and develop my consciousness beyond anything I imagined.

I believe that what Stephen and Donna BE offer is essential to the personal development of each and every individual and ultimately to the enlightenment of our world.

I beckon to anyone reading this to come learn and grow with BEing There Enlightenment Systems. Discover the power of finding and living according to your personal truth with guides who will be right there with you every step of the way."

Tycee Belcastro, Spa Owner

Grand Junction, Colorado, USA

BTN Member

BEingThere.net is a home for all those who are on a journey of:

      • Self-discovery
      • Self-cultivation
      • Personal growth
      • BEing in Personal Truth
      • Pursuit of Higher Consciousness
      • Seeking Enlightenment

    If you are a seeker, then you need to become a member of BEing There.net.


Benefits of being a member of BEingThere.net:

      1. You will have at least one place in your world where truth is the highest value. No games. No deception. No politics. No false reality. No hidden agendas. No recruitment.
      2. You will have the opportunity to discover more of your Personal Truth, every day!
      3. You will have a place where you can ask the real questions you feel, and expect to get real answers.
      4. You will get regular articles and presentations that will enlighten and clarify the dynamics behind any disharmony in your life.
      5. You will have access to other seekers throughout the world, in order to share and confirm your pursuit.
      6. You will be able to discuss what you are reading with fellow seekers, ask questions and delve the depths of discovery.
      7. You will learn how to apply every new insight to the most important areas of your life: your primary romantic relationship, your parent-child relationships, your occupation and your purpose.
      8. You will learn about an entire curriculum of courses aimed at helping you grow to deeper levels of awareness, and when applied, rise to higher levels of consciousness.
      9. You will have access to individual consciousness guides who can help clarify what you need to deal with, and in what order you need to deal with it.
      10. You will have a virtual home, a place where you can be who you really are, and become your higher self.
      11. You can create a support system of relationships that are based in Personal Truth, and hold the common value of the pursuit of Higher Consciousness.


BEingThere.net helps you connect to your Personal Truth!

You do not need to automatically accept nor dismiss the validity of every claim of Enlightenment. You can have a network of members to help you discover your truth about these claims.

BEingThere.net will help you sort through all the messages you get about your emotions, personal growth, Higher Consciousness and Enlightenment. There is no dogma, no hierarchy of authority, and no pressure to submit to unfamiliar beliefs. Your Personal Truth will always be the guiding light and the ultimate authority.

Your new home for consciousness will be a place where you can test ideas, explore your experiences, share your discoveries, learn new practices and constantly develop your Personal Truth. BEingThere.net will model the ideal of how you would want your physical home to be, and we will talk about ways you can start to bring this about.

In the pursuit of Higher Consciousness, having a home where you get to process everything may be the most valuable asset you can have. From our own experience, we know that this is priceless, especially when you need to examine an experience for its truthfulness.


BEingThere.net brings you the wisdom of the world!

BTN brings you the wisdom of the world, right to your computer screen, every day, any time of day. No traveling. No searching. No expense of time trying to make a connection. No need to give up your day-to-day life. No proving yourself worthy and ready for universal wisdom. No application process, no initiation, no foreign practices to incorporate.


BEingThere.net helps you to discover deeper levels of your Personal Truth.

A wealth of information can be yours for about 50¢ a day!

For less than the cost of a single session of therapy, you get an entire year of consciousness guidance!

Priceless assistance in your development as a human is yours for only:

Monthly membership for $29.95


Quarterly membership for $69.95

(Annual savings of over $80!)


Annual membership for only $197

(Annual savings of over $160!)


Family Annual membership for only $297

(Unlimited users. Annual savings huge!!!)


All levels of membership are conveniently billed to your credit card.

(Click here for a currency conversion chart.)



100% Money-Back Guarantee

Even though we know you will greatly appreciate having a consciousness home, we want you to get acquainted without any risk.

You can order your annual membership or a quarterly membership to BEingThere.net and take up to thirty days, or a monthly membership and take up to ten days, to try out this secure and profound new home for consciousness.

If you change your mind, you can receive a full refund of your membership fee. If for any reason, you do not enjoy your membership in BEingThere.net, just send us an e-mail saying you want to cancel your membership and claim your refund.


If you are a seeker, and by this we mean ...

      • You are active about your personal growth
      • You work on your self-development
      • You know the wisdom of self-cultivation
      • You want to experience your Personal Truth
      • You are pursuing Higher Consciousness
      • You are answering the call of Enlightenment
      ...then you will thoroughly appreciate having a place to call home.


You do not need any special computer software. Your normal internet browser will allow you to access BEingThere.net. So join now, learn about the many features all dedicated to your pursuit of Higher Consciousness, start to meet your fellow seekers, and create the home you want to come to every day.


Click here to register

Choose one of these membership types:

  • Family annual membership for $297
  • Annual membership for $197
  • Quarterly membership for $69.95
  • Monthly membership for $29.95

If you have any questions about BEingThere.net, or your membership, you may contact us any time by e-mail at: frontdesk@BEingThere.net


We look forward to meeting you in BEingThere.net,

and sharing the all-important pursuit of Higher Consciousness and Enlightenment.

We'll BE There!

We look forward to your participation.


Order now!


P.S. Remember, personal growth is always the most challenging and elusive part of life.

Having a support system to help you test, challenge, develop, confirm and support your Personal Truth can be the single most valuable addition to this process.

BEingThere.net is the one place where you are supported, informed and celebrated. Please join us!


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