You can't experience life without feeling life.

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What I've learned is that being vulnerable to somebody you love is not a weakness, it is a strength.

(Elizabeth Shue)




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There are universal lessons that everyone must learn along the way to Higher Consciousness. It is by integrating these universal lessons that Higher Consciousness becomes a reality. Seek Enlightenment long enough and you begin to recognize these lessons recurring in your life.

For example, the lesson, "Commit to your Personal Truth at all times," is one that everyone faces over and over. Each time you compromise your truth, in an effort to keep what you think you want, you set up this lesson again. It is only a matter of time before the internal disharmony from this betrayal of truth demands examination, and you must once again claim the responsibility for your truth and enact it in your life.

It is an axiom of emotional work, such as occurs in counseling, that "an issue will continue to present a problem until the lesson is learned." The lesson to which this axiom refers is not one specific lesson, but the lesson of universal truth underlying the current issue. A lesson that reveals a universal truth is called a universal lesson. Not only is it truth in the grandest sense, it is also a truth that everyone must come to in order to realize Higher Consciousness.

We have often theorized that personal growth would be greatly expedited if the book of lessons could be studied in advance. Perhaps with such forewarning we could avoid the need to create the issues that deliver these lessons. Without the issues, and the subsequent time it takes to deal with these issues (i.e. issue-hours), the faster one could grow.

Ah, but then we could not call it growth. Instead, we would have to call it learning. For growth occurs on all aspects of BEing, not just on the mental aspect. Growth involves change, and "change means doing things that aren't fun!" (Calvin and Hobbes)

In other words, to grow we must deal with losses that come from doing what we know to be right, but is not necessarily what we want. This raises two more universal truths: You cannot grow and stay in the same place. Since growth and demise are the natural balance of the universe, life requires growth.

Alas, there is no such book of universal truths yet. We must accept that we can learn universal truths only as they become available. Everyone experiences a unique sequence to universal lessons based upon the issues they have faced, the imprints they carry, their willingness or resistance to embrace certain issues, their karma, and their sophistication with dealing with issues. This makes it unlikely that universal lessons could be compiled into a curriculum.

Every seeker must learn to use his or her personal issues to provide the vehicle that delivers universal truths. However, we can learn to anticipate certain truths if we know what to look for. If our exposure to a lesson coincides with the emergence of an issue that houses that lesson, then the internal work of dealing effectively with the issue can be focused, profound and comprehensive.

In this section of, we offer free lessons in consciousness specifically geared to help every seeker deal more effectively with his or her issues. When a new lesson is posted, the previous lesson is moved to the Archive of Consciousness Lessons, in the Library of Enlightenment. Members of have access to this ever-growing collection of lessons at all times, so that when an issue does arise for them that pertains to a universal lesson, they can access the relevant lessons, providing them the advantage of insight. Membership in is a powerful tool in seeking Enlightenment!

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