Insight of the Day

16. Enlightenment is the ultimate level of consciousness as a human BEing. To realize higher consciousness, you must learn the lessons that block your growth. To learn your lessons, you must embrace them. Embracing your lessons requires you to feel your experience. Personal growth is only possible when you feel your emotions and seek to learn the lessons involved in that experience. Your unconscious will constantly act to steer you away from your emotions, and onto safer ground. People around you, who are also afraid to seek their lessons and do not want you to "rock their boat", will invite you to ignore your experience, ignore your truth, and live in an illusion of safety. You are the only one who makes the choices to listen to the calling of your birthright, a realization of enlightenment. Avoidance of your experience, and therefore avoidance of your truth, will keep you forever in the mundane struggles of lower consciousness.

(Feeling Your Way Along p94)

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