I act freely when I am tuned in, centered and loving. But if possible, I avoid acting when I am emotionally upset and depriving myself of the wisdom that flows from love and expanded consciousness.

(Ken Keyes, Jr.)










I understand now that the vulnerability I've always felt is the greatest strength a person can have.

(Elizabeth Shue)










But if you're willfully stupid, you don't know any better, so you can keep doing whatever you like. The secret to happiness is short-term, stupid self-interest!

(Calvin of Calvin and Hobbes)










We face the truth, however great the cost.

(Kwai Chang Caine, Kung Fu TV Show)










Disharmony is not dismissed as normal. Disharmony should ring the alarm bell within you; quick, drop whatever you are doing and rush to the scene.

(Stephen BE)










We shape clay into a pot, but it is the emptiness inside that holds whatever we want. We work with BEing, but non-being is what we use.

(Lao Tzu)










To BE or not to BE is not a question of compromise. Either you BE or you don't BE.

(Golda Meir)










The aim of the superior man is truth.











All truth passes through three stages: first, it is ridiculed; second, it is violently opposed; third, it is accepted as being self-evident.

(Arthur Shopenhauer)










There is not a truth existing which I fear, or would wish unknown to the whole world.

(Thomas Jefferson)










Even in a minority of one, the truth is still the truth.

(Mohandas Gandhi)










Evil cannot be conquered in the world. It can only be resisted within oneself.

(Master Po, Kung Fu TV Show)










If you would be a real seeker after truth, it is necessary that at least once in your life, you doubt, as far as possible, all things.

(Rene Descartes)










Life is a tragedy when seen in close-up, but a comedy in longshot.

(Charlie Chaplin)










Liberty means responsibility. That is why most men dread it.

(George Bernard Shaw)










Heaven is not a place, and it is not a time. Heaven is BEing perfect. You will begin to touch heaven, Jonathon, in the moment that you touch perfect speed. And that isn't flying a thousand miles an hour, or a million, or flying at the speed of light. Because any number is a limit, and perfection doesn't have any limits. Perfect speed, my son, is BEing There!

(Jonathon Livingston Seagull)










Truth and morning become light with time.

(Ethiopian Proverb)

Perfect Guidance System

Within You Leads You

to Enlightenment

Learn how to use it, now!


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You have an inherent system of guidance

within you that will allow you to:

  • Discover your Personal Truth
  • Review and update your Personal Truth
  • Choose behavior that is consistent with your Personal Truth
  • And encounter the lessons you need to learn in order to realize Higher Consciousness
  • And eventually, Enlightenment.


It is said,

"First, you must be true to yourself!"

But no one teaches you how to be true to yourself, until now!


Think about your own history: You went to six or seven years of primary school. Then you went to another six years of secondary school. Perhaps you continued with four years of college. And if you went into a profession, there were another two to five years of graduate school. With all of this mental education, involving history, mathematics, language skills, sciences, and technical skills, where did anyone teach you the skills needed to connect to yourself and to know yourself, let alone how to be true to yourself?

Public or private education teaches you mental skills. Religions teach you spiritual skills. Parents, medical services and athletics teach you physical skills. Where do you learn how to be true to yourself? And yet, wise advisors throughout the history of man have repeated, “First, you must be true to yourself!”

It should seem obvious that there is something missing in our preparation for life. There is a fundamental assumption about the paramount importance of certain abilities, the ability to know yourself and to effectively use this self-awareness, but no one teaches you the skills that enable you to do this.

Is it any wonder then, that most people in the world are lost in terms of their life’s purpose, their ability to connect with others and create intimacy, their understanding of the “big picture”, their ability to deal with life’s dilemmas, and the values they practice day in and day out?

We are going to explain what these skills are and how you can learn them, but first let us tell you how this powerful realization evolved into this book.

As professional psychotherapists for over thirty years, we have worked with people in widely varying states of health. In psychiatric hospitals and mental health centers we worked with people who were struggling to hold on to a predictable reality. Their genetics, their biochemistry, their horrific history, or their destructive addictions led them into a reality that was painful and constantly changing. In crisis intervention centers we worked with individuals who felt hopeless despair as a result of their condition or the situations in their lives.

We worked with students in colleges and universities who really wanted more life skills, but could only find more mental skills. And in private practice, our clients often struggled with the major decisions and prevailing conditions in their lives, wanting to make their lives consistent with their values of happiness, self-worth, responsibility to family and community, and desire to further their own growth. These are the factors that brought us into contact with several thousand people whom we helped, at all levels of health.

Some people first needed to reaffirm a common reality. Others needed to clear away some of the consequences of their previous unconscious choices. But in every one of these settings, without exception, we found that people needed to know more about reading the messages that were being given to them by their inner being. They needed to become aware of their emotions and the signals their bodies gave them.

While helping each client settle the situations and conditions that caused their distress, we also helped them confront how they factored into the cause of their experience. What choices did they make that helped bring them to this point? At what point did they turn toward this experience, instead of having turned toward a different experience? How could they have seen the consequences of the choices they made, and what consequences could only be recognized in hindsight?

Every individual was eventually confronted, in this way, with the obvious conclusion that they helped to create the reality they live in. This is a critical point in therapy. The client either accepts the responsibility for being a creator of their experience, or they close down to this awareness and reject responsibility. The key factor, then, about whether a person was ready to learn the skills they needed to be effective in his or her life was one thing: Are they willing to accept responsibility that is theirs?

Those who closed down usually went away from therapy at this point. They really did not want to see or know about anything that may be their responsibility. In this way, they could remain a victim and claim all of the attention and privileges that come with it. “Sure,” they reasoned, “there may be some pain involved.” But they would rather continue with the pain they know, than do the internal work needed to change their lives, with the emotional discomfort they may potentially need to go through in the process.

These people inevitably created an endless circle of crises or dilemmas that caused ever-greater emotional pain. This cycle continued, and will continue, until the potential pain of looking at themselves is feared less than the actual pain of continuing their unconscious patterns.

For those who were willing to recognize the responsibility that is theirs in creating their previous world, an internal light went on. They awakened. They began to see that life is not a random series of events, but rather, a series of consequences of previous choices. They perked up, and they began to ask questions about themselves. They wanted to start learning about their dynamics (patterns of emotion and behavior), so they could see how they created the rest of their world, too. It was a period of excitement for most clients. They longed for more insight, more awareness, more understanding.

This was when we usually started to explain the nature of emotion and offered new models for self-understanding. We taught new emotional skills and new relationship skills. Gradually, we introduced the concept of levels of consciousness, and explained how each new level realized, allowed them to create their world in a different way. And we taught the client about the lifetime pursuit of Higher Consciousness, and how this is the road to Enlightenment. Over the years, we developed this unique style of counseling, naming it “Consciousness Counseling™.”

The most obvious cause of emotional pain and discomfort for every client was their lack of emotional skills in seeing, understanding and effectively working with every experience. After being educated in basic emotional skills, they were able to take greater responsibility for creating what they truly wanted in their lives.

Each client found that these new skills, although not individually awesome, collectively were steadily changing their lives in predictable and desirable ways. Their self-awareness was growing. Their relationships were becoming more fulfilling. Their sense of purpose was getting clearer. Their ability to effectively use every experience was increasing. Reality itself, was changing for them. They were realizing higher levels of consciousness.

We also found that we were repeating ourselves with each new client who awakened. We said the same things, over and over, to hundreds and hundreds of individuals who first needed to learn basic emotional skills.

It became so routine for us that we created a book for our clients to read. This is how Feeling Your Way Along came into being. And while it does not teach advanced or really advanced emotional skills, it does allow someone, after awakening, to begin their inward journey, in order to make their outward world reflect these changes.



Everyone needs these skills in order to deliberately pursue Higher Consciousness!




This is what I had been missing. Learning and using emotional skills, as taught by BEing There Enlightenment Systems, enables me to grow in significant and measurable ways. I have tools to navigate through my life experiences and effectively recognize, explore and utilize emotional energy for my personal growth.

I continue to experience awe and respect for Donna and Stephen BE’s work. Feeling Your Way Along is a comprehensive, practical, remarkable resource.

Karen Floyd, Pharmacist

Grand Junction, CO


“Being true to yourself”

is the essence of Personal Growth!


In fact, Personal Growth depends upon

being true to yourself!


You must learn how to be true to yourself!


We know the void of emotional education. We have seen it in thousands of individuals. And we have seen how these skills, once learned and practiced, make profound changes in someone’s life.

Now, you can learn them, too!

There are key skills that enable you to know what is right for you.

It does not matter what is right for someone else,

they have their own lessons to learn in life.

What matters is that you always know what is right for you.

There is a way to know what is true for you, to see what you need to do for yourself, to live your life with power and self-assurance,

and to be able to stand up for your truth.



Learn how you are

the creator of your life,

and how you can create

what you truly want.




Clearly and concisely,

Stephen and Donna BE explain how:

    • When you live truthfully, you create the lessons you need to grow into Higher Consciousness and Enlightenment, regardless of your spiritual path, religion or belief system.
    • When you live less than truthfully, you continue to create the same lessons over and over.
    • In either case, you are always the creator of your experience.



Feeling Your Way Along

Explains why you must focus on your personal growth if you ever want to break out of the continuous struggle for security, sensation and power.



Stephen and Donna BE

Lay out the full spectrum of personal growth as a logical progression of levels of consciousness that are available to anyone who wants to learn how to create these levels, and thus create the experiences that follow.



In other words ...

If you want clarity of purpose, you must learn how to be true to yourself.

If you want to experience true intimacy, you must learn the skills of that level of consciousness.

If you want to realize Enlightenment, you must learn all of the lessons that lead up to Enlightenment.

... All of these are possible.



Feeling Your Way Along

will teach you the skills that allow you to create these experiences!



Stephen BE and Donna BE explain the practical skills of personal growth, including:

    • How to deal effectively with your emotions.
    • How to use all of the issues in your life.
    • How to have and properly frame relationships.
    • How to deal with relationship problems.
    • How to create intimate relationships.
    • How to know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, what is right for you.
    • How to identify and follow your true purpose.
    • And, most of all, ...

... how to create the building blocks to Enlightenment.



You will learn how to use your emotions as a pathway to Enlightenment.

    • If you do not seek Enlightenment, you will learn how to use your emotions in the pursuit of Higher Consciousness.
    • If you are not pursuing Higher Consciousness, you will learn how to use your emotions to create more Intimate Relationships.
    • If you are not creating Intimate Relationships, you will learn how to use your emotions to live in accordance with your Personal Truth.
    • If you are not especially concerned with your Personal Truth, you will learn how to use your emotions to know yourself!
    • If you do not seek to know yourself, you will learn how you continuously create a lower consciousness life of pain and misery, feeling victimized by the world around you.



Feeling Your Way Along

    • Describes why your personal growth is job one in life.

    • It explains why every experience of dissatisfaction, struggle or disharmony is a reflection of this truth.

    • It helps you to remove the inhibition you have against knowing and following your own Personal Truth.

    • And it shows you how to begin practicing the skills you must use to make every situation in life a growthful opportunity.



You will learn how:

    • Life makes sense!
    • Every situation in your life is dealable!
    • You can create what you truly want in your life!
    • You can re-orient your life to reflect only that which is true for you

Feeling Your Way Along

    • Describes the foundation constructs and the basic emotional skills you need in order to identify and live by your Personal Truth.

    • This is the real-life, down-to-earth, nuts-and-bolts information you need to undertake the real purpose of your life ... the realization of Enlightenment!



You will learn:

      • Why your emotions are not only an integral part of being human, but also how they are an essential part of your personal growth.
      • How you were trained to feel the emotions that you feel in every situation.
      • A new model for self-understanding.
      • Why denial or avoidance of any emotion keeps you locked into the world you live in now.
      • Why you must learn to embrace every emotion you ever feel.
      • How to use the emotions you feel to access your deeper truth.
      • How to use the access provided by your emotions to identify what is true for you now.


You will also learn:

    • How the behavior you choose in every moment contributes to the creation of the world you live in.
    • How you can change your world by choosing behavior that is consistent with your Personal Truth.
    • How your emotions drive your behavior.
    • How your unconscious creates what you experience, regardless of how intelligent or deliberate you think you are.
    • And later, after you have claimed a high enough level of self-responsibility, how your Personal Truth will create what you experience.
    • Why, as H.D. Thoreau puts it, "most men lead lives of quiet desperation."
    • How the level of responsibility you claim for your Personal Truth dictates the level of consciousness you experience.
    • How to know what you are responsible for.
    • How to claim responsibility that is yours and how to reject responsibility that is not yours.



Even more, you will learn:

    • How all of your important relationships are a reflection of your level of self-responsibility.
    • Why your primary relationship is one of your most important tools for growth into Higher Consciousness.
    • A specific set of emotional tools for using each emotion to make moment-to-moment decisions.
    • How to create what you truly want, including intimacy, life purpose, connection to all things, and clarity about the "big picture" of life.
    • How to recognize the issues you must deal with in order to realize Higher Consciousness.
    • How to define the lessons of Enlightenment.
    • How the pursuit of Higher Consciousness defines the steps to Enlightenment.



You will know the skills needed to:

    • Know yourself completely.
    • Free yourself from the security, sensation, and power levels of consciousness.
    • Engage effectively with all of your important relations.
    • Train your children to be effective in their lives.
    • Understand your issues. (Everyone has them!)
    • Use your issues to recognize the lessons necessary for your growth. (Everyone must learn them!)
    • Chart your growth through the levels of consciousness that precede Enlightenment.
    • Create a sense of harmony in every situation, every experience, by living according to your Personal Truth.
    • See the issues of others around you, without getting caught up in their issues, allowing you to understand them and engage with them in the most effective ways.
    • Begin to sense the more subtle energies of the universe, and understand the great mysteries in life.



The table of contents follows:

Feeling Your Way Along

Using Your Emotions as a Pathway to Enlightenment


Preface: Higher Consciousness


Part I: The Foundation

Chapter 1: The Wisdom of Emotion

Chapter 2: The Unconscious (Construct #1)

Chapter 3: The Pyramid Model of Consciousness (Construct #2)

Chapter 4: The Sequence of BEing (Construct #3)

Chapter 5: Self-Responsibility (Construct #4)

Part II: The Path of Emotion

Chapter 6: Your Emotions as an Internal Guidance System

Chapter 7: Willingness

Chapter 8: Exploration

Chapter 9: Claiming Personal Truth

Chapter 10: Truthful Behavior

Part III: Lessons for Growth

Chapter 11: Personal Truth and Levels of Consciousness

Chapter 12: Relationship as a Vehicle for Lessons

Epilogue: Living In Truth

Appendix: Emotion Words

     You have seen how common it is, that the emotional pain and discomfort that all people experience is a direct reflection of their lack of emotional skills. And you have heard how learning the basic emotional skills can make a profound and immediate difference in your life.

     Further, when you practice the basic emotional skills, you are able to identify your Personal Truth for the first time. As you begin to truly know yourself, you develop an internal guidance system to chart every choice in your life.

     By choosing your behavior deliberately, so that it reflects your Personal Truth, you not only clear up the inconsistencies in your life, creating a sense of inner ease and harmony, you also make yourself available to the lessons you need to be able to create even greater consciousness.

     But understanding these lessons will not create the consciousness you desire. You must actually confront the issues and learn the skills necessary to deal with them effectively. You must develop a commitment to continuous personal growth. This starts by learning how to Feel Your Way Along.

     You have been shown how it is the perfection of these skills that allows you to truly pursue Higher Consciousness. By reading Feeling Your Way Along you will gain a mental understanding of the skills you must learn and practice in order to seek Enlightenment.

     These are the lessons that you would travel around the world in search of, and you still would not find them. This is the essence of life, the actual tools of Enlightenment. These are the same skills that thousands of clients have paid more than $100 an hour to learn.


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Using Your Emotions as a Pathway to Enlightenment


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